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Слава Ісусу Христу!

Dear parishioners of St. John the Baptist Church,

We have found ourselves in challenging times of vulnerability to the Virus, unknowing what the day tomorrow will bring, adjusting to new circumstances of our daily life. However, we are free to pray and celebrate upcoming Feast of the Feasts, Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. Just as Jesus is giving us the victory over death, we are going to be victorious of any virus or evil of this world. As of yet we do not know anyone of our parishioners who has contracted the virus. I deeply hope that all of you keep yourself and your family healthy and well.

We at the parish of St. John the Baptist are looking for every way of improving our functioning and keeping afloat, offering the Liturgical Services, paying the bills and do the maintenance of all our properties. However, it has been already one month since we had a regular, tranquil and well attended liturgy by parishioners. Along with that, for the past month, we have not had any financial donations coming in to keep paying the bills, mortgages, workers etc. Our parish advisory committee worked hard in finding the possibility, a method to help all of us to keep supporting our parish and enable us not to fall into delinquency with paying off the bills and especially large mortgages for which we are responsible. Therefore, St. John the Baptist parish has introduced a very reliable and convenient way, Online Giving, a method in helping us keep financial support and offerings to the parish. We have teamed up with Church Budget Envelope & Mailing Company to facilitate the process of our offerings to the parish. The Church Budget Envelope & Mailing Company is a well-known organization of which has already been assisting us for many years as they print our donation envelopes for the parish.

Therefore, I humbly ask you:

1.      Make every effort in reading the attached information and register for Online Giving to our parish and continue to financially support our community. The registration process is very simple. This method of our donations is one of the planned steps in adjusting to very difficult circumstances in which we found ourselves.


2.     Also, you can mail in your donations to the church

St. John the Baptist UCC

60 N. Jefferson Rd.

Whippany, NJ 07981


  1. If you are a member of Selfreliance FCU, you can call the Whippany Branch 973-887-2776 and ask to forward funds to the church account. 


May God bless you with his love and mercy,

Fr. Stepan Bilyk

Click above to start donating now.

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