St. John the Baptist parish Holy Week Liturgical Live Streaming Schedule


Слава Ісусу Христу!

Dear parishioners of the St. John the Baptist parish in Whippany, NJ,

We will broadcast divine liturgy in English at 5 PM on Saturdays and in Ukrainian/English at 10 AM on Sundays for the time being. Please take a note that there will be only one Divine Liturgy celebrated in the Church on Sunday at 10 AM. We will not have Liturgies at 8:45 AM and 11 AM.

We are making some changes to live streaming of our church Liturgical Services. Please take a note, we will no longer use Zoom application for live streaming. The Zoom application, as it appears, is not providing us with the best sound and picture quality. In addition, they have introduced some security restriction which created even more difficulty for people to log in and participate in prayers. Therefore, we kindly ask you to use only our parish Facebook page to take part in live streaming of our church services.

Here is the link to the parish Facebook page:

The Facebook page is where the live-streams are broadcasted and archived.  All people who have a Facebook account can interact with the page.  In order to keep up to date with the page, they will need click the "Like" button on the page, not merely "Follow" the page.  


Here is the link to the private group:

The private group is where people can become members and discuss topics pertaining to our parish.  


Anyone who wants to interact with the page and/or the group will need a Facebook account.  

Wishing all a prayerful, peaceful and inspiring celebration of the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.



Fr. Stepan Bilyk

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